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              เครดิต ฟรี แค่ กรอก เบอร์ ล่าสุด

              When you talk to Oliver Wight about improving your business, we’ll assume you want results, not just better processes - things like increased revenues and margins and greater market share.

              If you have the ambition, it is possible to make improvements that truly transform the performance of your organization and create more fulfilling roles for the people within it. We believe this can only be delivered by your own people.

              So, unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to you; knowledge that comes from more than 50 years of working with some of the world’s best-known companies. We are proud to be recognized as a leading management consultancy (Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants Special Report for 2021).

              FREE ONLINE: Business Maturity Self-Assessments

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              A reputation for innovation

              Oliver Wight has a long-standing reputation for innovation and we continually challenge the industry status quo, so you always get the latest in new thinking. Your Oliver Wight partners will use their real-world experience to ensure your people, business processes, and technology are fully aligned and integrated right across your organization. They will coach, guide, and inspire your people to drive change throughout your organization, allowing you to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that simply becomes for you ‘the way we do things around here’. It’s a proven, sustainable approach that will deliver results straight to the bottom line.

              Why choose us?


              expert Partners across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East


              years' of experience
              transforming businesses


              clients received a
              Class A Excellence Award

              Our locations

              We support and work across the whole of Europe, Africa and Middle East as well as offer a seamless experience with our other regions - Asia Pacific and Americas.

              Latest video

              Highlights from our unique workshop focusing on the future of Integrated Business Planning, known as Enterprise Business Planning.

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              News & Insights

              In the press
              03 Sep 2021

              The Art of Creating a Proactive, Aligned Strategy Fit for Future Growth

              CEO Today

              Debbie Bowen-Heaton identifies three key strategies to reset business processes and drive future growth.

              20 Aug 2021

              Four approaches to manage disruption

              Disruption to your business doesn’t have to spell disaster. Whether it’s minor supply chain hiccups, competitor activity, or global events, many organizations can turn these situations to their advantage and even find new ways to disrupt the markets.

              23 Jul 2021

              Oliver Wight Announces the Release of New Book Providing Unparalleled Practices for All Supply Chains

              Written by the experts at Oliver Wight, the book gives readers a clear understanding of what is required to operate at a high rate of proficiency, what is known as Class A Excellence.?

              In the press
              22 Jul 2021

              Has the pandemic changed shopping behaviour?

              Informed Sharing

              The impact of the pandemic on the way people shop is profound and we won’t be returning to 2019 when it is all over.

              In the press
              19 Jul 2021

              How the rise in e-commerce has affected packaging (and increased awareness of sustainable packaging) during the pandemic

              Economy Standard

              How important is packaging for brands in 2021 compared to early 2020 and to what extent do brands that fail to embrace sustainable packaging risk being left out at the check-out?

              In the press
              16 Jul 2021

              CI Solution

              Manufacturing Management

              As the pandemic has caused havoc and distorted normal working practices, it has been easy for companies to forget the long-term goals of the business, instead resorting to crisis management mode.

              In the press
              09 Jul 2021

              The great race for data

              FMCG CEO

              FMCG companies are in danger of wasting their AI and automation investments, warns Debbie Bowen-Heaton

              14 Jun 2021

              What is scenario planning and why is it so important?

              It has certainly been an interesting time to be alive! Whilst we have all become used to change being the norm, the amount of change that has occurred over the last 18 months goes well beyond any type of ‘norm’.

              09 Jun 2021

              Meet the Team – Nina Cheng

              Senior Marketing Executive

              Proactive, determined, thoughtful. Three words to describe Nina, our Senior Marketing Executive.

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